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Digital therapy support with teora platform

teora platform is a web application for practitioners that makes it possible to accompany VR therapy with teora mind digitally and from any location. How does it work? You will receive login data and log in to teora platform via your regular internet browser. There you create patient profiles and create personalized treatment plans. For example, you can determine the therapy frequency and individually compile the exercises that are relevant for your patients. This data is transmitted via an interface to teora mind transmitted. Only this selection is then displayed to your patients in the VR application and can be used for training.

Simplified documentation and visualization

teora mind transmits relevant data, such as the number of therapy units completed or the duration of use, back to the web application once the training is complete. Therapy progress is documented and visualized there. This reduces the amount of manual documentation required and allows you to see at a glance what progress your patient is making.

Reimbursable remote therapy

The combination of teora mind, teora platform and mobile VR glasses thus enables digital therapy support regardless of location. This model will be reimbursed by the Inter Insurance Group from 01.02.2024. This includes both on-site applications and digital support for your patients‘ home therapy.

How does home therapy work with the teora system?

You start the therapy with 1-2 sessions in which your patients receive an introduction on site and familiarize themselves with the handling of the VR glasses and the software on them. For the remaining therapy sessions, your patients can take the VR glasses home with them and carry them out in their usual daily routine at home. You accompany these therapy sessions remotely. Both the treatments at your premises and the asynchronous care of your patients‘ home therapy are reimbursed.

How do I get access to teora platform?

As a practitioner, you receive free teora platform access for your practice or clinic with every purchase of a VR product.

teora platform works with the highest data protection standards. The application was developed in compliance with the GDPR and complies with current data protection regulations. The security of your patient data is guaranteed.

Your advantages at a glance

Offer of reimbursable digital therapy support

More efficient work thanks to simplified documentation effort

Option for parallel therapy support for several patients

Possibility of location-independent aftercare and therapy support

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